Carpet Cleaning Videos

Carpet cleaning isn’t really something we’d recommend the home-owner should attempt themselves. At best, the results will only be mediocre, at worst, a very expensive carpet could be ruined. Watch this short video on why you should hire a professional Carpet Cleaner for your home’s cleaning needs.

Revive Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning is a local, independent company covering the Barrow, Dalton, Ulverston and South Lakes areas. Utilising the patented Texatherm cleaning process we deliver exceptional results and carpets are usually dry within 30 minutes.

About Revive Cleaning

Revive Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning is a professional Cleaning Company. We are based in Dalton-inFurness, but serve the Furness Peninsula and south Lakes areas. Revive not only delivers general cleaning to freshen up your carpets, but also deals with issues of deep rooted grime that accumulates on heavily trafficked areas as well as the more serious stains and accidents that can befall even the most careful of us!